Assessment Property Searches

Free Individual Property Access

Lawrence County is proud to provide each property owner access to their assessment records free of charge thru CourthouseOnline.com. In cooperation with Evaluator Services & Technology, every property owner will be given a web password on their tax bill.

This will allow access to a “My Property” record where they can review the property information for their parcel and securely submit comments, information, or uploads to the Assessment Office. We encourage all property owners to review their records every year to make sure all information is accurate.

To access your property information, follow the steps below:

  1. Locate your County, Municipal, or School Tax Bill.
  2. On your Tax Bill look for the following information:
    1. Control Number: NNNNNNNN (8 Numbers)
    2. Web Password: AAAAAAAA (8 Letters)
  3. Click here to access the Login Screen and Enter your Control Number and Web Password, then click on “Submit” and follow the instructions.

To view a PowerPoint presentation on how to use the My Property website please Click Here. (If you need the free Powerpoint viewer, click here.)

Advanced County-Wide Searching by Subscription

Lawrence County is also proud to unveil their new Assessor Property Search website. In cooperation with Evaluator Services & Technology, assessment information on all parcels in the county is available through simple and advanced search tools.


Initial information is limited to the tax roll. Property descriptions and GIS information will be added in the future.

Past users of the Assessors Property Search who had fund remaining when the site was shut down should contact support@courthouseonline.com to arrange for transfer of funds. Make sure you have your old user name available.

To use this advanced service, create a membership and purchase a “My COL” subscription at www.courthouseonline.com.

To take a free tour of the My COL system, please click here.

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