Land Bank Programs

Property Donation Program

The Lawrence County Land Bank welcomes donations of properties under the following conditions:

  • Real estate taxes must be paid in full at the time of donation, unless the property is eligible for a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure;
  • The property shall not have any judgment liens or other encumbrances, which may include but are not limited to mortgages, unpaid water bills, mechanic’s liens and state or federal income tax liens;
  • The property shall not have open code violations, unless the Land Bank determines that demolition of a structure is necessary and funding is available.

The Land Bank requests a recent title search of the aforementioned parcels to prove ownership and that the property is free of liens and encumbrances. You may contact a title agency to order title work or reimburse the Land Bank for the cost of title work. At present, we are paying from $100 to $125 for title reports without insurance. If you wish to reimburse the Land Bank, please contact us first so we can confirm the amount. Also, payment will be required in certified funds, not personal checks.

The Lawrence County Land Bank reserves the right to decline any donations at any time.

Property Donation Application

Side Yard Program

The Lawrence County Land Bank has created a “Side Yard Program” that would allow qualified applicants to acquire vacant lots that abut their property for $150.00, by completing an application and meeting certain eligibility requirements.  In an effort to assist residents that may be interested in purchasing an abutting lot, the County has agreed to waive any necessary subdivision review fees, and requests that your municipality consider the doing the same.

Side Yard Program Application – Online

Side Yard Program Application – Mail