Official Election Results For Lawrence County, PA

Primary Election – May 17, 2022


2022 Primary Election


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Precincts – City

New Castle 1-1 (First Ward-1st District) New Castle 4-1 (Fourth Ward-1st District)
New Castle 1-2 (First Ward-2nd District)New Castle 4-2 (Fourth Ward-2nd District)
New Castle 4-3 (Fourth Ward-3rd District)
New Castle 2-1 (Second Ward-1st District)
New Castle 2-2 (Second Ward-2nd District)New Castle 5-1 (Fifth Ward-1st District)
New Castle 2-3 (Second Ward-3rd District)New Castle 5-2 (Fifth Ward-2nd District)
New Castle 2-4 (Second Ward-4th District)
New Castle 2-5 (Second Ward-5th District)New Castle 6-1 (Sixth Ward-1st District)
New Castle 3-1 (Third Ward-1st District)New Castle 7-1 (Seventh Ward-1st District)
New Castle 3-2 (Third Ward-2nd District)
New Castle 8-1 (Eighth Ward-1st District)

Precincts – Boroughs

Bessemer Boro
New Beaver Boro
Ellport Boro
New Wilmington Boro
Ellwood City Boro 1-1 (First Ward-1st District)
Ellwood City Boro 2-1 (Second Ward-1st District)S.N.P.J Boro
Ellwood City Boro 3-1 (Third Ward-1st District)
Ellwood City Boro 4-1 (Fourth Ward-1st District)South New Castle Boro
Ellwood City Boro 4-2 (Fourth Ward-2nd District)
Ellwood City Boro 5-1 (Fifth Ward-1st District)Volant Boro
Ellwood City Boro 5-2 (Fifth Ward-2nd District)
Wampum Boro
Enon Valley Boro

Precincts – Townships

Hickory Twp 1 (1st District)Scott Twp 1 (1st District)
Hickory Twp 2 (2nd District)Scott Twp 2 (2nd District)
Little Beaver TwpShenango Twp 1 (1st District)
Shenango Twp 2 (2nd District)
Mahoning Twp 1 (1st District)Shenango Twp 3 (3rd District)
Mahoning Twp 2 (2nd District)Shenango Twp 4 (4th District)
Shenango Twp 5 (5th District)
Neshannock Twp 1 (1st District)Shenango Twp 6 (6th District)
Neshannock Twp 2 (2nd District)
Neshannock Twp 3 (3rd District)Slippery Rock Twp 1 (1st District)
Neshannock Twp 4 (4th District)Slippery Rock Twp 2 (2nd District)
Neshannock Twp 5 (5th District)
Neshannock Twp 6 (6th District)Taylor Twp
Neshannock Twp 7 (7th District)
Neshannock Twp 8 (8th District)Union Twp 1 (1st District)
Union Twp 2 (2nd District)
North Beaver Twp 1 (2nd District)Union Twp 3 (3rd District)
North Beaver Twp 2 (3rd District)Union Twp 4 (4th District)
North Beaver Twp 3 (4th District)
Washington Twp
Perry Twp 1 (1st District)
Perry Twp 2 (2nd District)Wayne Twp 1 (1st District)
Wayne Twp 2 (2nd District)
Plain Grove Twp 
Wilmington Twp 1 (1st District)
Pulaski Twp 1 (1st District)Wilmington Twp 2 (2nd District)
Pulaski Twp 2 (2nd District)
Pulaski Twp 3 (3rd District)



 Contact Info for Department:

430 Court St
New Castle, PA 16101
(724) 656-2145
(724) 656-1987 – Fax
Phone 724.656.2161, 724.656.2177, 724.656.2149, 724.656.2145