Frequently Asked Questions for Lawrence County

Where do you apply for a Passport?

Prothonotary’s Office

Where do you apply for Bingo, Small Game of Chance, Dog, Hunting, or Fishing Licenses?

Treasurer’s Office

Where do I apply for a Marriage License?

Prothonotary’s Office

Where do I pay current year property taxes?

You pay taxes to the tax collector in the district in which your property is located. County Taxes are paid at the Treasurer’s Office.

Where do I pay delinquent property taxes?

Tax Claim Office

How do I apply for employment at the Lawrence County Government Center?

Personnel Department

How do I contact an attorney in Lawrence County?

Attorney List

Where do I apply for a weapon permit?

Sheriff’s Office

When is the Lawrence County Government Center closed?

County Holidays

Where do I get a copy of a Deed or Mortgage or Military Discharge?

Register and Recorders Office

Where do I apply for a building permit?

Building Permits are obtained from your local municipality. Building Permit List 

Where do I get zoning information?

From your local municipality.

Where do I get a copy of a Will (of a deceased person)?

Register of Wills Office