Passport application are by appointment only-(724) 656-2440 – 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM

What you need to apply for a passport phone: 724-656-2440

  1. A completed application form, DS-11 on-line at: travel.state.gov
  2. The passport book application fee is: 16 years of age & older – $130.00; Age 15 & under – $100.00. This fee is payable only by check or money order. Make your check payable to “US Department of State”. The passport is valid for all types of travel.
  3. The passport card application fee is: 16 Years of Age & Older – $30.00; Age 15 & Under – $15.00. This fee is payable only by check or money order. Make your check payable to “US Department of State”. The card is only valid for Land and Sea Travel only between The United States and Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, and The Caribbean.
  4. The execution fee for a passport is $35.00 – Cash Only.
  5. One passport photos must accompany application. These may be taken at the Prothonotary’s Office, cost is $10.00 – cash only.
  6. A valid photo I.D. is required, this is usually a Driver’s License.
  7. Unless an applicant has a prior passport, a certified copy of his/her birth certificate, obtained from the vital statistics office from the state in which the applicant was born is needed. The certificate must have a raised seal. A prior passport or birth certificate will be returned. **As of 4/1/11, both parents’ names must appear on the birth certificate.**
  8. All applicants must appear in person. Children under 16 need both parents to sign application. Do not sign the application until you are in front of an agent.
  9. 9. Process time on “Routine” Applications is 8 to 11 weeks. If you need your passport in less time, you must “expedite”. Cost for “expedited passports – Adults – $209.53, Child – $179.53 (plus $28.75 cash for overnight envelope). Time frame for “expedited” passports is 5 to 7 weeks. If needed sooner than that, you need to make an appointment in Philadelphia, PA or Buffalo, NY.
  10. The fee for passport renewal is: $130.00. Checks should be made payable to the “US Department of State”.


More information can be found at www.travel.state.gov

We strongly suggest that you apply early!