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Lawrence County Court of Common Pleas

Lawrence County Court of Common Pleas

The Pennsylvania Courts of Common Pleas, hearing both jury and nonjury proceedings, are the trial courts of general jurisdiction. The courts of common pleas were created pursuant to Article V, Section 5 of the Pennsylvania Constitution, which provides, “There shall be one court of common pleas for each judicial district (a) having such divisions and consisting of such number of judges as shall be provided by law, one of whom shall be the president judge; and (b) having unlimited original jurisdiction in all cases except as may otherwise be provided by law.” The courts of common pleas are responsible for a wide variety of cases, including all cases involving children and family matters, all major civil court cases such as personal injury, professional liability, and contract and property disputes, all criminal cases involving misdemeanors and felonies, appeals from the minor courts, and appeals not exclusively assigned to another court. The courts of common pleas are organized into 60 judicial districts. The County of Lawrence is the 53rd judicial district of the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania. The Lawrence County Court of Common Pleas is located within the Lawrence County Government Center in the County Seat, the City of New Castle, Pennsylvania.


Honorable President Judge Dominick Motto, Court Room #1

Confidential Secretary:Denise Allwine724-656-1925
Court Staff:Susan Langford724-656-1922
Court Security:

Law Clerk:James Fee, ESQ724-656-2468

Honorable J. Craig Cox, Court Room #2

Confidential Secretary:Diane Esposito724-656-1927
Court Staff:Brenda Crivelli724-656-2454
Court Security:Dan Klein724-658-7176
Law Clerk:James Fee, ESQ724-656-2468

Honorable John W. Hodge, Court Room #3

Confidential Secretary:Susan Cubellis724-656-2187
Court Staff:Shelby Lister724-656-1919
Court Security:Tim Rayner
Law Clerk:

Honorable David H. Acker (Family Division) Court Room #4

Confidential Secretary:Christine Esposito724-656-2158
Court Staff:Carol Delio724-656-1923
Court Security:Anthony Bucci
Law Clerk:Dylan Baney724-656-2475

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