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Lawrence County Corrections Center

Lawrence County Corrections Center


Managing the care, custody, and control of prisoners.

Lawrence County PA Jail


How can I set up a visit?

In order to set up a visit, you have to call in THE NIGHT BEFORE their scheduled visiting evenings, between the hours of 7:00 pm and 7:00 am. Visitation starts at 6:30 pm, depending on the time that you call in to make a visit; you will get placed into a 30 minute block for a visit. Prior to being able to schedule a visit you must be on an inmate’s visitation list. THE INMATE is responsible for filling out and turning in all visitation lists. If you are note on their list or they do not have a list in, you CANNOT make a visit. Visitation is different for every housing unit in the facility.

Visitation nights are as follows:

  • Housing Unit BRAVO – Mondays
  • RHU Females – Mondays
  • Housing Unit FOX – Tuesdays & Fridays
  • Housing Unit DELTA – Wednesdays & Sundays
  • Housing Unit CHARLIE – Thursdays & Saturdays
  • Housing Unit  GULF – Thursdays & Saturdays

How many people can come to a visit?

You are only allowed two adults per visit. You are also allowed to bring in TWO of THE INMATE’S children per visit. Adults must have a valid photo ID with them in order to gain entry into the visit. A child under the age of 18 MUST have a legal guardian with them. NO ONE is permitted into the facility with; a cell phone, lighter, tobacco, weapons, food or drink, or ANY FORM OF CONTRABAND. You must be dressed appropriately and refrain from wearing any type of revealing clothing. During your visit, you are expected to keep the volume of yourself and your children to a minimal level. You are also expected to conduct yourself in a mature manner. Be courteous and respectful to all visitors. If you are caught breaking any rules of a visit your visitation privileges will be suspended.

How can I put money in an inmate account?

Placing money on an inmate’s account makes it possible for them to make phone calls as well as order commissary. Money can be added to an inmate account multiple ways.

Mail – You can mail a money order with the Inmate’s Name on it to 111 S. Milton Street, New Castle, PA 16101. Be advised that using this method it may take a couple days for the money order to clear and the money to register onto the inmate’s account. CHECKS are NOT ACCEPTED!

Kiosk – There is a kiosk outside the lobby of the jail. Money can be added to an inmate account using the kiosk by simply entering the inmate’s name and following the instructions on the screen. The kiosk accepts cash, as well as debit/credit cards. Be advised there is a small fee for using this service; however the money should hit the inmate’s account within minutes of the completed transaction.

Phone – The phone number to place money onto THE INMATE’S account is (866) 345-1884. This number again charges a small fee but quickly places the money into the account. Using this method you will need a debit/credit card.

Website – You can also use a website to add money to an inmate account. Using a debit/credit card a small fee is added to quickly place money on the inmate account.

The website is www.accesscorrections.com

Be advised there is a $25.oo booking fee assessed to each inmate upon arrival at the jail. Therefore, no matter which method you choose, if the inmate owes the jail any money, the money owed to the jail will be taken off the total amount deposited into the account.

Can they call me collect on my cell phone?

No! However, you can place money on YOUR phone account. This lets the inmate place a call to the number that the account is set up on. When they call that number, it’s like a collect call, however, the money comes off of the prepaid account that you have previously set up. The number to set this account up is (877)650-4249.

Sexual Harassment of or Sexual Contact with an Inmate

Any form of sexual harassment or sexual contact with an inmate is prohibited. ANYONE who engages in, fails to report, or knowingly condones sexual harassment or sexual contact with an inmate shall be subject to disciplinary action, and may be subject to criminal prosecution. A claim of consent will not be accepted as an affirmative defense for engaging in sexual harassment or sexual contact with an inmate. If you report sexual harassment or sexual conduct, you will be protected from retaliation.

Toll Free Sexual Abuse Reporting Line 844-429-5412

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