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About Us

About Us

Enter the doors of the Government Center and pass through security. The Sheriff’s office is the first office on the right once you pass through security.

If there is an emergency, you may dial 911 to obtain emergency assistance.

The Sheriff performs various duties and has much responsibility in serving the courts and the public. If you require a meeting with the Sheriff, it is best to call prior to visiting to ensure he is available to meet with you.

Our deputies are always available and will be able to assist you with most of your questions or concerns you may have.

Chronology of Sheriffs

1849-1852David Emery 1901-1903James H. Brown
1853-1855Andrew B. Allen 1904-1906Edwin I. Ayers
1856-1858Robert Gailey 1907-1909John Waddington
1859-1861Silas Stevenson 1910-1913Robert H. Whaley
1862-1864Andrew B. Allen 1914-1917Carl S. Johnston
1865-1867Thomas McConnell 1919-1921Joseph H. Boyd
1868-1870David C. Rhodes 1922-1925William G. Andrews
1871-1873James Davies 1926-1929Harrison M. Reynolds
1874-1876James H. Cooper 1930-1933Frank H. Johnston
1877-1879William B. Miller 1934-1937Edward D. Pritchard
1880-1882Alexander Richardson 1938-1941Merle M. Ingham
1883-1885William F. Douds 1942-1945Clyde D. Badger
1886-1888William G. Warnock 1946-1965Frank L. Coen
1889-1891Samuel W. Bell 1966-1989George Sigler
1892-1894William Douthett 1990-2005Robert L. Clark
1895-1897William Becker 2006-PresentPerry L. Quahliero
1898-1900Charles Matthews